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EZ BioPac

Contained Buffer and Media Prep Powder Addition with EZ BioPac™


ILC Dover has developed a new powder transfer process to solve issues related to contamination and reduce the fill time of each powder bag - Watch our Latest Video on the EZ BioPac.

The EZ BioPac is proven to reduce contamination that typically occurs during filling a powder transfer bag or, more importantly, when it is discharged at the reactor or mix tank.


  • Open fill design provides an easy target for manual filling without spillage
  • Significantly less time required per dispense cycle
  • Minimizes cleaning with fold over neck
  • Additional parts eliminated
  • Self standing and self supporting
  • Custom designs to meet specific process requirements
  • ArmorFlex® 114 film is the standard material for the product contact area. This unique antistatic film meets FDA, USP, and EU regulatory compliance standards.

Check out our new solutions guide and give us a call.  You'll be effectively containing powders during buffer and media preparation with unparalleled efficiency - just ask our customers.  To view our new ISO Class 7 Clean Room click here.


EZ BioPac™